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Neptuno's Caves Alghero - About us

From April 1 to October 31 we guarantee a daily scheduled service that, in addition to the connection to the Caves of Neptune, offers the possibility of excursions and mini cruises throughout the Riviera del Corallo of Alghero.

We have three motorships. The first one is Motorship FRECCIA and has a maximum capacity of 70 passengers, the Motorship ATTILIO REGOLO can accommodate up to 78 people and Motorship Deborah up to 130 passengers.

Since always we love our work and we do it with passion. The tourists feel at home with us and this can only make better their adventure in the Riviera del Corallo. To distinguish our staff is the love for the sea and this land, love that we try to convey with enthusiasm and readiness.

So, what are you waiting to immerse yourself in this natural paradise with us? Come and enjoy the promontory of Capo Caccia and the caves of Forarada Island, on board of our Mini Cruises and dive in the sea of Dragunara with its beautiful coves and bays. Paradise scenarios of exceptional beauty await you and with the Delfinlandia Tour you will be able to see up close the friendly dolphins that inhabit our waters.

Our motorships meet the requirements for the safety of life at sea and have a license for serving food. To make things more "delicious", will be, in fact, the Catalan specialties that you will enjoy on board, drinks (like good wine) included!

Learn how to best satisfy your curiosity in our site and start immediately to travel with us. We will be happy to answer your questions and clarify any doubts to make your trip unforgettable.

Caves of Neptune

Every day aboard our Motorships, departing from the port of Alghero, you can get to the Caves of Neptune in just 20 minutes by boat to admire the unique sight of colours and scents of the untouched sea.

The curiosity: around the Caves of Neptune, many divers frequent the Nereo Cave, which is the largest submerged marine cave in the Mediterranean.

Mini Cruise

Mini cruises in the Riviera del Corallo depart every day. Our motorboats will take you on a pleasant walk up the coast to Capo Caccia, on a visit to the caves of Foradada Island and to the beautiful cove Dragunara.

The curiosity: the lighthouse of Capo Caccia for its location 186 meters above sea level is one of the most visible lighthouses on the Italian territory.


Join us on Motorships Freccia & Attilio Regolo "In Search of the Dolphins", dolphin watching excursions in the Gulf of Alghero.

The curiosity: the species of dolphins that frequent the beaches of the Riviera del Corallo is the Stenella, the most common and widespread cetacean in the Mediterranean Sea.